Downloading asp pages on different days

07/18/2005 08:48 pm

I have several problems.

I am trying to download asp pages on different days. I download on one day. Then the database I download from is updated. Then I download again the next day.

The first and second downloads are timed for different times of day.

To do this, I have copied and pasted the original project, and given it a different start day/time.

Both projects are pointed at the same download directory.

But when I download the second time, it redownloads the entire project. I have "download only modeified and new files" and "check file size" checked. I don`t want to redownload all the files again.

Further. I use url substitutes, but they do not work properly in the second download. Files go to a slightly different directory.

How can I make sure I do not redownload all the files (I only want the new ones second time around) and how can I stop the directory structure from changing? (it doesn`t change on the target website).
07/18/2005 08:54 pm
I have just noticed that the problem with directory structure seems to have started since upgrading to version 3.9 - coincidence?

But the downoading of already downloaded files predates updating to 3.9.
07/19/2005 12:59 am
OK - a coincidence with the directory structure - there was a minor change....

But still struggle with downloading already downloaded pages. I also use the auto export feature but that also exports previously downloaded files even though I have it set to not do that. (I think the setting of 1 for that is correct if I only want to export newly downloaded files?)
Oleg Chernavin
07/19/2005 03:48 am
I think that you can try to use the fourth file modification check method. Perhaps, the server always reports all files as new or changed.

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff