can i make a dynamic filter

07/10/2005 01:15 pm
I am trying to download to the hard drive and am trying to speed things up a bit. The site works something like this
-- this is the starting html page that has the links
-- this would be the final page that has the actual pictures
-- the page has thumnails and uses javascript to open the large pics

What happens is it will download the small thumnails and then go through the entire site doing its thing and will eventually (i think) use the java to download the large pic. What i have tried to do to get rid of this is block all small images -- easy but still added to queue -- i have also made sure that evaluate script calculations is checked. Since the format they use is the same in every folder i thought i could simplify the entire procedure. Each thumbnail is named "01s.jpg" the corresponding large pic is of course just "01.jpg" Is there a way i could just tell it to automatically download the large file by just "deleting" the "s" ? It would be easier and quicker in theory since it wouldnt have to interprit the java. How can i do this?
Oleg Chernavin
07/11/2005 04:34 am
Yes, you can use URL Substitutes for that - to:




Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff