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Stefan 07/08/2005 10:39 am
I just thought about how I could add some special calculations for urls that are not covered by OE so far and thought it would be a great feature to have some kind of {:http://something } macro, where OE actually takes the output from that URL request (only the body, not the http headers) and inserts it into the request url string.

That way all kinf of computations could be done by using php/perl/etc that are not covered by OE itself.


Oleg Chernavin 07/09/2005 03:06 am
Can you please give me more details on that? How it would work and how it could be useful?

Stefan 07/09/2005 04:20 am
Actually this would allow to have an external program deliver anykind of string that can not be constructed by the OE macros itself. E.g. my microtime problem: I did a two liner in php to get the microtime string and could insert it like this {:http://localhost/mtime.php}

Let me know if you need more examples

Oleg Chernavin 07/09/2005 04:26 am
I see. Well, it will be really hard to do.

Stefan 07/09/2005 04:32 am
I know that it will not easy to implement, but it would be very advanced feature for professionals :-)

Oleg Chernavin 07/09/2005 05:09 am
Yes, maybe later.