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Stefan 07/05/2005 03:53 pm
A great enhancement to the scheduling feature would be a way to have a project run only during a given timeframe (e.g. offpeak hours) and have it suspended at the end of this time interval and then resumed when this timeframe comes up next. In my case, there are a number of tasks I would love to only run during unused internet connection time, e.g. from 10pm to 7am in the morning, but due to the large size of these download project they would run for weeks probabbly, so at the moment I save/resume them manually every day.

Oleg Chernavin 07/07/2005 09:54 am
You can do this by setting a Limit in the Advanced section and using:


You can resume from that file using a Windows scheduler running it:

oe.exe "c:\file.wdq"

Stefan 07/07/2005 10:06 am
Nice idea :-)

Thx for the input

Oleg Chernavin 07/07/2005 10:08 am
You are welcome!