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Stefan 06/27/2005 07:47 am
I have a website that I am trying to download from, but at some points it may take minutes in the middle of the request until the download continues (all data is coming from some database). Basically that is not a problem, however at some point OE decides to resend the request, so everything begings from the start. Is there a way to set the delay before OE thinks the connection is dead to something like 10 minutes ?


Oleg Chernavin 06/27/2005 08:54 am
Of course - it is in the Options dialog - Timeout setting.

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Oleg Chernavin
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Stefan 06/27/2005 08:58 am
Am I correct, that this can only be set on a global base? You might want to consider to make more of the global options available as a per project setting as well. If running a number of concurrent projects all the time it is much more easier to be able to finetune the projects.

Oleg Chernavin 06/27/2005 09:09 am
Yes, this is global. It will be not easy to make it on a Project level.