new to the facinating world of downloading websites

06/23/2005 08:27 am
HI i am new to the world of downloading websites ??
actually i want to download a web site it is .... ya i have made a project and started it but as i mentioned earlier that i am new to this web site downloading world so i would need ur help please ? my first Question is that i am using a dialup conection it is extremely slow it cannot go above 3 kilo bytes per second. so i cannot download the whole 40 to 50 mb web site at once ......... so i would need to download it in parts say i would download a maximum of 4 mb a please tell me how can i do this so that i download 4 mb a day and the resume the with the ramaining donwload the other day ........ ??what is the difference between stop and suspend project to file ??? does stop mean abort the current download and and abort it in such a way that the next time i start downloading it should not start downloding from the point where i left or it means stope the download and when the user asks to re download the again srtart from the same point where it was stoped ??? the what is the suspend the project to file ?????????

Also when i was specifing the properties of the project initially when i was making the project i came acroos two strange options
that were

load only within the starting URL
load only from starting Server

load from any location

load images form any location
try to exploere all possible sub directries ??

Actually i want to download the above stated site completely but that site also contains images and other sort of advertisements that i dont want to download those ads refer to the addres of ?????????? please need help explain these to me

Thanks IN Advance

Oleg Chernavin
06/23/2005 09:02 am

To load that site, use "Load only from starting Server". Do not allow images to be loaded from any location. Set Level to 20. Now start downloading the Project. When you think you have loaded the daily portion stop the download. You will be able to continue it easily with Ctrl+F5.

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff