complete deactivation of parsing possible?

06/05/2005 08:53 pm

Is it possible to completely deactivate parsing for a maximum fast download of a fix list of Sites?

Please help, thanx!
Oleg Chernavin
06/06/2005 04:01 am
Yes, you can add the following line to the URLs field of your Project:


Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff
Gregg Istanoff
06/08/2005 09:23 pm
I think there should be a feature in 4.0 (or sooner) that would allow files that have already be parsed to not be re-parsed.

For example:
Level Limit: 1
Skip Existing Files on Levels Higher Than: 0
Included Directories: /wire/

In this example, even if only the one index page is downloaded, all the files are parsed. I have many projects like this.

Quote from Help file:

"For example, most news sites have an index page with links to news articles and many articles pages. These articles are never updated, they are just added or deleted often. In this case setting "Skip existing files on levels higher than 0" will mean that the first page (on Level 0) will be checked and downloaded if it was modified, and then Offline Explorer will download only missing news articles. >>>All previously loaded news pages will be neither checked for modifications nor downloaded again.<<<"

Since the files alreayd downloaded are not modified, I don`t see they should be re-parsed. Unless I am somehow missing the purpose of parsing.

Examples like this are the most time-consuming process for me. A fix in 4.0 is what I could definetely use and what newmedia MIGHT be talking about.
Oleg Chernavin
06/09/2005 02:53 am
This is also available now: