Retry timeout after Status: 403 Forbidden

Marco Blenton
05/26/2005 05:53 am
I am trying to download a collection of RA files from website. I have noticed that I am allowed to download only one RA file at a time (otherwise the RTSP server responds with `403 Forbidden` status). In order to sort that out, I have set Tools|Options|Internet|Connection|Number of connections to 1. Furthermore, it is not always possible to start another download immediately after the one has finished due to the same error from the RTSP host.

Is there are a way within the OE Pro to automate the task of retrying the download after a `403 Forbidden` status? I know that I can set Tools|Options|Internet|Connection|Delay between downloads, but that the delay would apply for every access to the web. Since I always start with a .ram file and there are quite a few hops the OE Pro needs to do to reach a .ra file starting from a .ram file, I would need to wait unnecessary for quite a long time.

Kind regards,
Oleg Chernavin
05/26/2005 06:34 am
I would suggest you to set 1 second delay, which is not much set a high number of retries in the Options dialog, like 100. I just made a change in Offline Explorer, so it will retry the download if 403 error is encountered. If you need this version right now, please let me know.

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff