Moving download directory to new, external drive

05/23/2005 06:40 pm
I have 50 Gig of information in the download directory on my C drive. I`m getting a new, external USB drive and would like to free up the space on the C drive and move the download directory to the new drive. I expect to keep the project/map files on the C drive. I have several dozen projects that contribute to all of this output.

How do I efficiently move the data and update the projects so that I can use the data on the new drive? It would seem fastest to just be able to copy the download directory and then somehow update the project mappings file(s). Is this possible/reasonable?

I might also want to slightly restructure (remove one directory level) the download directory structure, although I fear this might add too much complexity to the move.

With the reality of external hard drives, the drive letter may become uncertain, sometimes being the F drive, sometimes the G drive, depending on what was plugged in and in what order. Is there a way to prevent chaos to OEP with this? Can the device be referenced by something more native to the device, such as its model/serial number or something to make it more immune to drive letter changes -- or to easily tell OEP to reference a different drive letter forsome/all of its projects?

Thanks for any tips.

Oleg Chernavin
05/24/2005 06:36 am
The best way would be to backup the Projects you want to move, then change the download directory location in a folder Properties or in the Options dialog and restore backuped Projects.

However there is no way yet to specify a non-drive-letter download directory.

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff
05/11/2006 02:29 am
I use offline explorer enterprise edition for long time. During many weeks I have download many website in different projects . My download directory is locate in an external harddrive.

My external hardreive is connect by usb to my computer an I use a switch button to put it on.

Usualy I put my usb hard drive on before opening the offline explorer software to be sure that the software recognize the usb drive.I still dont understand what happend today but, when I open the offline explorer software I can't locate my projects anymore.

All my files are still in the ownload directory but I cannot see my projet name in the software main view. All i can see is the default path.
Oleg Chernavin
05/11/2006 05:15 am
In most cases, it is easy to recover lost projects. All Projects are in the webdown.dat file, and there are many backups of that file.
Open the Options dialog | Advanced | File Locations section. Please see the Projects, Maps and Templates folder location.

Now quit Offline Explorer Pro , open Windows Explorer and browse to that folder. Select all files with the webdown filename (webdown.dat is the Projects file, the rest are backup copies) and copy them to another directory to keep them intact.

Select the most recent file with the maximum size and copy it back under the webdown.dat filename.

Start Offline Explorer Pro to see if all of your Projects are in place. If something is wrong with the Projects list, try to repeat the process with another webdown file.