Problem downloading ASF video files

05/12/2005 04:27 pm
I am interested in purchasing Offline Explorer Pro or Enterprise but need it to perform the following:

From the following website (click on the third from the left link button in the top line and then in the new window chose one link and click on it)

i like to download the ASF video files that hide behind the 300k download button links. It looks to me as if the problem is with javascript files. Usually when I click on a 300k link button my media player pops up and plays the streaming video. (It does not link anywhere after clicking the 300k button unless I first log into the website with my login and password on the homepage).

Here is the links again that might help you in evaluating whether the program can do what I like it to do:

This is the homepage:

This is one of the examples with the 300k link buttons:

This is the link that the media player gets the streaming video file from:

ANYTHING that can be done?

Thanks a lot,


Oleg Chernavin
05/13/2005 06:50 am
Well, I tried to find the video links, but 50K/300K buttons are not clickable at all. Perhaps, I have to logon the site first.

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff
05/28/2005 02:13 pm
It`s easy. Just copy & paste that link into Internet Explorer download manager over a previous download and click reload. It will download it. Do you have a link to the photos? I love that site.