Problems downloading Link from the main site

04/20/2005 11:24 am
Dear Madam/Sir

I am using the MetaProducts Offline Explorer Pro 3.7 Trial Version to download a site which have developed inhouse from the server.

URL which i am using to access a Form based authentication is:

Although i am able to get into the login page but i cannot downlaod a link on that page which happens to be a jsp page.

URL to the link: http://beaserver:7001/esp-presentation/index.jsp

After downloading when i try to view the project offline and click on the link:

It says:
Click here, if your browser does not support redirects.

Document not found
This page is not accessible offline. Possible reasons: either it was an invalid link on the server or Project settings do not allow the page to be downloaded. In some cases, increasing Project Level setting should help.

Click here to go online:

Download the missing link now and add it to the selected Project.

Could you please recommend what i can do so that i can download this link.

Under The Project Properties:

Under Project: Address URL:http://beaserver:7001/administration/pages/PrincipalInfo.jsp;j_security_check?j_username=abc&j_password=xyz (which is the main Page)
Level Limit: 5
File Modification check:Download all Files
URL Filter Protocol: Load all Protocols
URL Filters- Servers: Load files only within the starting Server
Load up to 100 Links on other servers
Load files only within the starting directory and below
Load all Filenames
Advanced Link Translation: Offline Translation

Any help from your side would be appreciated
Oleg Chernavin
04/21/2005 04:10 am
I think, what you need to do is to change "Load files only within the starting directory and below" to "Download from all directories".

Does this help?

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff
04/27/2005 06:32 am
Dear Sir

Can anyone point out to where is the downloaded project saved and is it possible that i can change that path.


Rohan Bajaj
Oleg Chernavin
04/27/2005 11:06 am
Sure. Please look in the Options dialog | File Locations - Download Directory.

04/28/2005 09:31 am
> Sure. Please look in the Options dialog | File Locations - Download Directory.
> Oleg.

Thankyou for your reply.

Oleg Chernavin
04/28/2005 11:15 am
You are welcome!