Date based URLS

Frank Taylor
04/14/2005 02:44 pm
I`m trying to setup OE to fetch a series of webpages every week. The tricky part is that the URL ends in the date:

And each week I`d want to download todays date, and the next x days.

There isn`t an index page where I can pull these from, I have to somehow `create` those URLS based on the date. If it means I spawn an external batch file to insert dates from the system date/time into a prefs file or similar I`d happily do it.

Either that or can I use a system variable as part of a URL?

Many Thanks,

04/15/2005 03:37 am
This should do the thing:{:0month}{:0day}{:year}.txt{:setdate=date+1}{:0month}{:0day}{:year}.txt{:setdate=date+2}{:0month}{:0day}{:year}.txt{:setdate=date+3}{:0month}{:0day}{:year}.txt

More information about this in the help file:
Advanced features - Using URL Macros

And perhaps you want to use the Schedule Manager:
Advanced features - Scheduling Projects download
Frank Taylor
04/15/2005 09:04 am
In my enthusiasm to fix this I also emailed Oleg and he replied similarly=)

Thanks both of you, I`ll give it a try!

- Frank