03/29/2005 09:31 pm
I am wondering if any good online tutorials exist for performing certain functions with Offline Explorer Pro or Enterprise. I`m looking for information and/or guide or tutorial for how to correctly setup the program to only download a specific type of file or files from a website and its subdirectories, without downloading the entire site itself.

Example: http://www.gamefaqs.com/
A great website full of a enormous amount of user guides, cheat codes, and walkthroughs for almost any video game that has ever been made. Walkthroughs, guides, cheats, etc are all stored as .txt files and arranged somewhat randomly in subdirectories throughout the site. How to setup project to download ONLY the .txt file walkthroughs, cheats etc and NOT download anything else, i.e. no wallpapers or ads or animations sounds or videos?

Example #2: http://www.themexp.org
An amaging website full of thousands of wallpapers, visual styles, and more for customizing Windows XP. Files of each type are all stored in seperate directories and are all in .zip format. How to setup downloading only the zip files and nothing else from the site? Also, how to setup to organize them by catagory so they aren`t all mixed together? i.e. on directory for wallpapers, a different one for visual styles, a different one for icons, etc.?

Example #3: http://groups.yahoo.com Yahoo! Groups and similar, i.e. Google Groups, MSN Groups, etc. How to setup downloading all photos posted to galleries on individual groups but not to download the groups themselves or the ads, message posts, etc?
Oleg Chernavin
03/30/2005 07:28 am
I would suggest you to try to play with File Filters in the Project Properties dialog. By unchecking the whole categories there you can easily setup which files to load and which - skip.

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff