How can OEP browse HTML help files (.chm)?

Charly Snider
03/28/2005 02:08 pm
I`d like to condense and reformat some of the pages in a big HTML help file (.chm), so I thought I would simply "download" the file with OEP and then manipulate the resulting HTML pages, images, style sheets, ...

Using MSIE, I can "browse" a .chm file by entering its name as "file://C:\myhhfile.chm", but it opens the HTML Help client. Also, when I open the print dialog there, an HTML version of the current page/chapter is created in "C:\Documents and Settings\charly\Local Settings\Temp".

Interestingly enough, I can use MSIE and OEP`s internal browser (which is probably using MSIE components?) to perfectly read that single (temporary) file with all its images and links even though these links have a somewhat strange format pointing back to the original .chm file, e.g.

<img src="mk:@MSITStore:C:\myhhfile.chm::/images/image01.bmp" border=0>

(Firefox, by the way, only displays the text, but not the images, style sheets and other stuff, i.e. it cannot handle this MS-specific syntax).

I`ve not been able to really "download" all the components of that single page (even "Save as web page, complete" in MSIE only gives me the single HTML file), let alone "download" _all_ pages with all their components from the original .chm file directly and automatically. Is this simply not a feature of OEP (yet) or am I overlooking something?

Best regards, Charly
Charly Snider
03/28/2005 03:50 pm
Ignore my question, I just stumbled about a really simple solution for what I want to achieve. From a DOS prompt execute the following command:

hh -decompile target hhfile.chm

This will create a folder `target` in the current directory and place all components of `hhfile.chm` in it. No "downloading" or "browsing" necessary at all. `hh.exe` is the HTML Help file command that comes with the windows operating system.

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
03/29/2005 06:48 am
Yes, Offline Explorer doesn`t yet support the mk: protocol. And it is really easier to decompile files with hh.exe.

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff