How to Login to a Notes/Domino Server

Lee Antl
03/23/2005 03:36 pm
When trying to get content from a secured Lotus Notes/Domino Site you need to be able to login. The password options in OfflineExplorer do not seem to work.

As a workaround, you can add the &Login&Username=yourname&Password=yourpassword parameter to your URL but then these parameters are displayed to the user of the exported content.

To get around this, I created a separate login project using a URL like:

I set this with a level limit of 0.

Then I created the real project using a URL like:

To download the content you run the first project to log you on to your Notes/Domino server, then you download the real project. When you do your export, you should not select the first login project. This works because Domino sends a token to your browser that is good for that session. Subsequent accesses will not need to login again.

I hope this helps!