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Kjetil Bergsvaag 03/22/2005 11:54 pm
I am currently working on putting a website\ict on a CD or DVD. The site uses php but it seems to work well after export in regards of showing ordinary pages. But even though the different pdf files were downloaded and the links to them are correct nothing happens when I click on the links. I have tried to copy the shortcut and paste the url into the adress line and then it works fine. So the link should be ok, but still it does not work. The links also work when I click on them in offline explorer before exporting the files.
An example of such a pdf file can be found at

Greatly appreciate if anyone can help me out.

Kjetil Bergsvaag
Oleg Chernavin 03/23/2005 07:05 am
Can you please try to check or uncheck adding original URLs box in the Export dialog? It may help.

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff
Kjetil Bergsvaag 03/23/2005 07:39 am
Thanks for your help.
Did not help though. Now all links are like that...

Have tried to make new links in dreamweaver just to check and they do not work either when it is pdf files. Strange things. Glad if you have suggestions since we need to present this CD to our funders in short time...
Another point is that if I make links to pages or files that do not exist the links behave in the same way as the links to the PDF file-links. Maybe explorer think they do not exist, but as I mentioned earlier the links are ok when pasted into the adress bar.


Kjetil Bergsvaag 03/23/2005 07:43 am
Forgot to mention. I originally had the box checked, and tried to do the export with the box unchecked after your reply.

Kjetil Bergsvag
UNESCO - Bangkok
Oleg Chernavin 03/23/2005 08:08 am
It is MS IE settings that prevent non-HTML pages to load from the disk. They are considered as potentially dangerous ActiveX controls.

One way to try is to export in an HTML Help file (.CHM). This will make your CD browseable on all Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP, 2003 systems. Only Windows 95 and NT 4.0 will be unable to browse the CD without installing HTML Help package first.

Would this work?

Kjetil Bergsvaag 03/23/2005 08:29 am
Trying that now. You are right about the security problem in IE. Because when I inserted the link manually in the adress box the content was first blocked and I had to unblock it. But would it not at least open a new window when I clicked on "open in new window" if this was the problem. Not even that happened earlier. Will let you know how things went once the page is exported again. Seems to be going a bit slower this way though. Big site(about 550MB).

Thanks for helping me. Really appreciate it!

UNESCO - Bangkok
Oleg Chernavin 03/23/2005 08:34 am
You are welcome! If HTML Help will not satisfy you somehow, we can also try to export to an .exe viewer. To install this capability, download and unzip the following file in the directory where Offline Explorer is installed:

Kjetil Bergsvaag 03/23/2005 09:15 am
Sorry to say that it did not work in help format either. But now at least the there is a dialog box popping up. It says "File download - security warning". It states that the filetype is Adobe Acrobat control for ActiveX, and the size is smaller than what the PDF file should be. If I click on open or save nothing happens. Any Idea of how to correct this?
I`ll try the .exe solution in the meantime.


Oleg Chernavin 03/23/2005 09:30 am
I do not know how to change HTML Help behavior. But .exe approach may work better here - it represents the same internal server and browser as in Offline Explorer itself. So, it the site and PDFs browsing work well in Offline Explorer, it should work the same way in the .exe viewer.

Kjetil Bergsvaag 03/23/2005 10:08 am
Thank you so much for your help! If it was not for the fact that I`m far away in Bangkok (I`m guessing your`re in the states) I`d come over with flowers.

Both my computers just decided to crash at the same time (and the air-con isn`t doing to well either) so I had to do the whole thing over again, but the second time it worked and I`m so happy about it! Still have to check if the databases work but those are not that important.

I have one more question though... Will this exe file work on computers that do not have any software from your company installed? The point here is that we need to make some copies for distribution to rural organizations without internet connection, and they will probably use quite old OSs too.
Do you think it will work fine?

Best regards

Kjetil Bergsvag
UNESCO Bangkok
Oleg Chernavin 03/24/2005 03:34 am
This .exe file should work absolutely with no limitations - it requires no installation, etc. I am glad that it works for you.