Database Driven Website

03/17/2005 09:08 am
I am currently downloading a web site (a stamp catalogue), and when an html page has thumbnails on it, it seems that when you click on them the page which opens up, is via a database driven website.

If i will download this website, will it work fine offline ? ... apparently, i started downloading it, and i am noticing that offline explorer is downloading severl pages, which after the url, they have
?uid=3522&uidc=ISN ... obviously all the same format, but with arbitrary numbers.

Thank you for any help/suggestions.
Oleg Chernavin
03/17/2005 09:13 am
Yes, most database-driven Web sites use a lot of parameters in URLs after the ? symbol. Offline Explorer loads such sites very well. All links will work correctly offline.

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff
03/17/2005 09:21 am
Thank you for informing me. Actually, it is quite a big website, and as of yet it the filesize is already over 80MB, and i can see about 10,000 files in queue. I have asked this question because since now, i have tried clicking on some arbitrary thumbnails, and all of them took me to "The Page cannot be displayed page". I will let the download finish then and try again.

By the way this is the url which i typed in the wizard window.
Oleg Chernavin
03/17/2005 10:26 am
I looked there. You should probably let the site to download and if the thumbnails still do not open, please allow script calculations in the Project Properties dialog | Advanced section. Then start updating the Project using Ctrl+F5 (load missing files).