Slow Parsing

Edward Jerum
02/13/2005 12:17 pm
Hi Oleg,

Parsing files downloaded for my project is taking 5 to 10 seconds per file. This is after download of pages is complete and parsing is the only thing going on. The more files I download the longer it seems to take. Uses 100% of my CPU. I have 512MB memory and a 1Gzh pentium, Windows 2000.

Is there some way to speed up this process?

Here are some of the URLs;_ylt=Agdj57Zl7Y5F7u1ybj7Ba6008cIFml;_ylt=Ahl9Fg854pUpmmA.NJg101A08cIF;_ylt=Ahl9Fg854pUpmmA.NJg101A18cIF;_ylt=Agdj57Zl7Y5F7u1ybj7Ba6008cIF;_ylt=Ahl9Fg854pUpmmA.NJg101BpRcMF

Thank you for your help.


Oleg Chernavin
02/13/2005 03:43 pm
I will work to find out what slows down the parsing on these pages. Perhaps, it is some complex script. I will try to improve Offline Explorer performance.

Meanwhile, you can try to add the following line to the URLs field of the Project:


This should make parsing faster. Does it help?

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff