ASP files & linkchecking

01/28/2005 11:30 am
Hello Oleg,

I managed to download an asp site, but what I am wondering is...
now that I have downloaded it, how do I run a linkchecker on it?

I`m using an Linkbot, and it seems to only recognize HTML files.
Do I need to be able to use the substitutions rule to change *.asp to *.html?
If so, how would I do that with urls for files such as

I have searched for help on substitutes and I haven`t figured it out yet.

Thanks for your help,

Oleg Chernavin
01/31/2005 09:07 am
You can export the site with the "Add standard extensions" box checked (File | Export in the main menu). This is a quick way to prepare the files for the links checker application, if it doesn`t support custom extensions.

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff