What level?

John Wilson
01/26/2005 02:16 pm

I never know what level should I set when downloading. Should I just uncheck the box or should I set any figure? And how do I know how many levels does a site have? For example: you get your homepage, you get a link called galleries, then you get some thumbs and then u get the picture. Does it mean I have to set the level at 5? And how does offline explorer know not to stray to far for example following links to complete other sites (which one does not want). To me, this level thing, it is like a big mystery with a lot of guess work. Thanks for any advice or tips.
Oleg Chernavin
01/27/2005 08:23 am
Yes, level setting is a simple but sometimes confusing thing to understand. However there is an easy rule on how to determine a level. In your example, you have to make 3 clicks to get from the home page to the actual image. Thus, the Level setting should be 3.

To load only the home page, you need Level=0, to load homepage and all links that are on the home page, you need Level=1. And so on.

To tell Offline Explorer not to download external Web sites, please use the "Load from the starting URL" option in the new Project Wizard.

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff