Flash / SWF Link-Error

Miro Dietiker
01/07/2005 06:06 am
Hi there!
I was Downloading www.derbi.ch (german&france quite small page) with a level of 5 on OEP 3.5.

In the Section "DERBI-PARTNER" there`s a SWF, pointing to several Listings of Partners.
After regular download, all works fine!
But if e perform an Export (with the option "Use standard extension for files..."), many Files
change their Extension from .php to .htm and so on. All HTML-Links work, but on the SWF-links
this Export seems like to take no effect...

Can you provide me a solution for having correct resulting Links?

Miro Dietiker
MD Systems
Miro Dietiker
01/08/2005 11:56 am
My explanation may was a little unclear?

The result after the Export is, that the Links in the SWF are Broken!
Miro Dietiker
01/11/2005 10:59 am
The following are the some exact samples:
- Location:
- Target Link in SWF (if you click the Top "SH" Element):

- Location:
- Target Link ...:

- Target Link ...:
- Effective Target (after Export, but not linked to in the SWF)
Same behaviour in case of other Filename-Options selected, but other broken links resulting.

Would be nice if you could correct this problem!

Oleg Chernavin
01/11/2005 11:05 am
I am sorry that it takes so much time, but Flash applets are not easy to work with. I will try to do it soon.

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff
Oleg Chernavin
01/12/2005 09:34 am
I looked at the file. Here is what happens. Adding .htm extension makes the length of the link more. In most cases Offline Explorer relocates tags in Flash files to make more room for enlarged links, but sometimes it is impossible. As a workaround I would suggest you to export the files either with the "Standard Extensions" box UNCHECKED or 8+3 filenames.