Watch me or record my browsing

12/24/2004 10:49 pm
Is there a feature that I can turn on that will enable me to browse pages in the OE internal browser and OE will save all the pages that I visit? If not, you might want to consider adding.

Here`s a scenario I often encounter. I download a site, but some of the pages don`t load either because they`re linked from form field drop downs or for some other reason (like user error in setting project properties and then I miss some pages).

Most of the time OE takes care of the situation quite nicely and provides a page with a link that enables me to grab the page.

But sometimes that doesn`t occur and I`d like to be able to turn on a switch that tells OE to begin capturing all pages that I browse while I go around the site and mop up the content I`m trying capture. Then I would turn off the switch and go back to using OE as normal.

Thanks for developing a great product!! It has become my "secret weapon".

12/26/2004 12:29 pm
See Help / Contents / Saving pages as you browse:

Above the browser window, just left of the address bar, click on the blue floppy icon that has tooltip `AutoSave`.

(Which confusingly is a totally different feature than Options / Advanced / AutoSave)