Suggest: limit # connections PER SITE

12/22/2004 07:20 pm
Situation: downloading from several sites simultaneously.

Goal: limit impact on any one site (and avoid getting banned).

Desired: be able to specify that EACH site only use one or two connections;
while allowing OE to use a larger TOTAL # connections.

Additional Benefit: If one site is being extremely slow, it doesn`t end up tying up most of the connections, waiting to connect.

Example: Download from five sites, ask for TEN TOTAL connections;
then EACH site should only use TWO connections.

This could either be an OPTION:
[x] Limit # connections used for a single site.

OR the programmer could simply CHANGE THE ALGORITHM as follows:
* When a connection is free, If multiple projects are downloading, And If the next URL would be from a project that has other downloads still in progress,
And If the # of downloads for that project is >= its fair share,
Then don`t begin downloading any more URLs for that project,
Until one of those other downloads complete.

For example, if there were five downloading projects, and eight connections,
no single project would be permitted more than two connections.
Oleg Chernavin
12/23/2004 05:49 am
This is already done. You can add the following line to the Project`s URLs field:


The number defines maximum number of connections to a server. If the Project loads files from many servers, they will be loaded simultaneously.

This feature was added to the 3.5 version of Offline Explorer Pro.

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff
12/23/2004 08:51 pm
Excellent. (That gives me another reason to upgrade to "Pro".)

Please describe use of this new feature after the following sentence:

How To.../Start downloading ["Downloading a Project"]/
"Offline Explorer can download many Projects simultaneously. Files queued ... share the same downloading channels ... etc."
Oleg Chernavin
12/24/2004 03:13 am
Done. Thank you!