Backing up and a search feature

Geoffrey Spencer
12/12/2004 12:04 pm

My computer crashed (AGAIN!) and I lost all of my OE Pro templates and my projects. Is there a way in OE Pro to back up my templates to a seperate folder? What about the daily downloading projects? I would like to restore these templates if my computer crashes again without having to "rebuild" them from scratch. I cannot find the templates in the OE folder so where are they?

If this question was asked already, I apologize. Is there a search feature for the OE Pro forum? I could not find the "Search" button.



12/12/2004 06:49 pm
The Templates are stored in the Template.dat file which is located in the Projects, templates and maps directory (Options->Advanced->File Locations). There are three backups of this file with .bk1, .bk2, .bk3 extensions.

The Projects are stored in the Webdown.dat file which is also located in the Projects, templates and maps directory. There are multiple backups of this file too.

I believe the Search feature has been removed from the forums due to problems.

I agree it would be a good idea to be able to specify a separate backup location for Projects, templates and maps.
Oleg Chernavin
12/14/2004 07:12 am
In most cases, it is easy to recover lost projects. All Projects are in the webdown.dat file, and there are many backups of that file.
Open the Options dialog | Advanced | File Locations section. Please see the Projects, Maps and Templates folder location.

Now quit Offline Explorer Pro , open Windows Explorer and browse to that folder. Select all files with the webdown filename (webdown.dat is the Projects file, the rest are backup copies) and copy them to another directory to keep them intact.

Select the most recent file with the maximum size and copy it back under the webdown.dat filename.

Start Offline Explorer Pro to see if all of your Projects are in place. If something is wrong with the Projects list, try to repeat the process with another webdown file.

Regarding the search - we are going to restore it shortly.

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff
Geoffrey Spencer
12/19/2004 11:49 am
Thanks Defenestration and Oleg,

I will do these steps the next time my computer crashes. Still, it would be a good idea to have better back up features for at least the templates and downloads from within the OE program itself.

Thank you
Oleg Chernavin
12/20/2004 07:00 am
OK. We will add this to our plans.