Can`t figured out how to use keywords for directories

12/06/2004 05:00 am
My problem is that I can`t figured out how to use keywords for directories. I would like to reduce number of images when make site download and for example I want to download only directory "res1" and images inside since "res2" is another directory with the same but low resolution pictures. If I don`t made keyword for directory I will have all imges doubled. Site is very simple but I can`t download with fleshget, because I need to open every image before download. As far as I know there are not javascripts.
So I put in field something like this */res1/*, but program download only few images with one thread and stopped. It worked OK when I put "download files from all directories" but than I have a lot of traffic. If I put only "res1" then it worked OK but only for one page at time so I don`t need to open every picture on it but I prefere to download a little bit more automatic.
Oleg Chernavin
12/06/2004 08:26 am
In fact, */res1/* and res1 keywords mean almost the same. The latter works actually as *res1*. So, this information doesn`t give me any clue on what goes wrong.

I would ask you to contact me directly at to explain more details and send me your Project settings (select the Project, click Copy button, paste it to the E-mail message).

Thank you!

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff