Lost my projects/settings! Where are the projects stored.

Len Lydik
11/08/2004 06:46 pm
I don`t know what happened, but I started OEP and my projects aren`t there. Where are they? I spent a lot of time configuring these projects, now I can`t find them.

Where are they stored?
Oleg Chernavin
11/09/2004 03:36 am
In most cases, it is easy to recover lost projects. All Projects are in the webdown.dat file, and there are many backups of that file.
Open the Options dialog | Advanced | File Locations section. Please see the Projects, Maps and Templates folder location.

Now quit Offline Explorer Pro, open Windows Explorer and browse to that folder. Select all files with the webdown filename (webdown.dat is the Projects file, the rest are backup copies) and copy them to another directory to keep them intact.

Select the most recent file with the maximum size and copy it back under the webdown.dat filename.

Start Offline Explorer Pro to see if all of your Projects are in place. If something is wrong with the Projects list, try to repeat the process with another webdown file.

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff
Len Lydik
11/09/2004 05:39 pm
This is very frustrating. I`ve lost about 10 projects. I don`t know what I did to do this. It seems randomly that I`ll close OEP, then the next time I open it, my projects are gone.

I followed your instructions above and the webdown.dat file is only 1kb.
Len Lydik
11/09/2004 06:01 pm
Also, how do you merge two WebDown.dat files to get all your projects in one folder again?
Len Lydik
11/09/2004 06:19 pm
I`m on Windows XP.
Oleg Chernavin
11/10/2004 04:35 am
I am sorry for this. I have no idea why it happens except that you have low disk space. Appending Projects is easy - use Notepad to open and edit these files. It is just a text format.