Using an IP address server URL filter

11/07/2004 12:57 pm
The website that I am attempting to download links to some of its content by IP address on a different server. So we have video media on, (for example) and everything else on

What I need to do is download everything including the files on the external server. I tried to do this by specifying both the IP address and website URL as included server URL filters. OE though appears to ignore this entirely. However, replacing the IP address with a test website URL works fine which seems to confirm that OE ignores the IP.

I am using OE Pro (registered) v2.3.870 SR1 on Windows XP. The website requires a subscription, which I have (credentials specified in the "Passwords" dialog).

I have run out of ideas now! What am I doing wrong? Thanks :o)

BTW: do I qualify for a discounted upgrade price for 2.3.870 --> 3.4?
Oleg Chernavin
11/08/2004 06:46 am
The simpliest setup for such Project would be to allow downloading from the starting server and "Load from any site" in the Location box of the File Filters | Video.

Regarding the upgrade - yes, the upgrade price is 50%. Please contact us at .

Thank you!

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff
11/08/2004 08:41 pm
Hi Oleg :o)

I tried your suggestion, but with no success. OE doesn`t download anything from the IP server, and it doesn`t even show up in the map or queue. I tried using the internal browser to login to the site, and instructed OE to use IE cookies but that made no difference.

Using my regular browser (Opera) I switched off referrer logging, but I was still able to access videos on the IP server. Only when I disabled automatic redirection was I unable to access the videos, with an "Object Moved" HTTP message.

Any further suggestions? My subscription to that site runs out tomorrow.

Thanks for the upgrade to v3.4.... now bought, installed and working! :o)
Oleg Chernavin
11/09/2004 05:09 am
Can you please give me more details on where I can find that video file to see why it can`t be loaded? If you don`t want to share it here, please write me using .

11/11/2004 06:12 am
Oleg, YHM.
Oleg Chernavin
11/11/2004 03:32 pm
Yes, I got your E-mail already and I will work on it.