Any sugggestion to get rm-files??

10/31/2004 06:11 pm
Any suggestions to get the rm-files from a link like this

That is, the ProgramID goes from something to something.
I have used URLSnooper earlier, now and then, but not systematically.

(There is a possibilty that this site will at least change, maybe
disappear, I would like to catch "them all" before that.)

The "dream" would be to copy

1. this main html-text-page, as above
2. the rm-file
3. the transcript-file

But I am bumped around through too many servers, etc to
figure out how to do that in a couple of weekends (using my
own "ethereal"+browser combination)

Just installed the Integra, but I could not get it "to do anything", is
it supposed to "catch" these rtsp-streams (although the rtsp stuff
goes to the realplayer, not the browser??)

10/31/2004 06:22 pm

The "watch video" link for the rm-stuff

But then all that java and a new sets of IDs, popup frames, plus cookies??

PS Why invent the wheel if it is already there, but I cannot find it??

PPS Is there a simple way to "communicate" with OEP, that is

- "my software" would find the rtsp-links (figure out if I already have them,etc)
- load up OEP with them

10/31/2004 06:25 pm

> The "watch video" link for the rm-stuff

To finally get the

10/31/2004 06:27 pm

Buddy, can you spare me some weekends??
Oleg Chernavin
11/02/2004 10:38 am
Could you try the MP Integra software? It would catch these streaming URLs and pass them to OEP. Some of such sites are really tricky and hard to handle.

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff