How to avoid unnecessery links to be downloaded?

10/19/2004 01:26 am
Every site has some basic links e.g:Home,Contacts,Feedback and other Advertisements (mostly at the top or bottom of the web page).Is there any way to customize the download option and avoid such basic or unimportant links from downloading.

With best regards,
Faisal Jamal
Faculty of Metallurgy and Materials Engineering,GIKI
Oleg Chernavin
10/19/2004 05:19 am
I would suggest you to use URL Filters | Filename or Directory sections. This way you can define rules on which section should be loaded and which - not.

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff
10/19/2004 03:53 pm
Thanks alot for your support.But can you help me to tell that what is the most efficient and quick way to use such filters for multiple links.Is any other alternate method avilable?
10/20/2004 04:26 am
There are no "universal" keywords that you could use in URL Filters in order to avoid the download of the mentioned pages. You have to analyze the page and use the corresponding keywords in the excluded keywords list(s). (Don`t forget to use "Load using URL filters settings" in the Location box of the (Text) File Filters.)

This should be easy and fast enough to do.