Exporting embedded movies

10/15/2004 03:15 pm

Likely a newbie question so I apologize in advance. But...

I`ve downloaded a site with pages with embedded quicktime movies- *.mov files. The movies play fine in the internal browser. However, when I export the site, I cannot play the movies. The movies do not appear on the page. I clicked on the "export" option in OE to export the files. Do I have to anything more?
10/16/2004 02:31 am
Normally there aren`t any special adjustments needed.
Are you trying to play these files in another Browser (than MS IE)?
If the answer is "Yes":
Have you installed and enabled the Quicktime plugin for this Browser?

There may be other problems. Perhaps you should post your Project settings:
Select your Project, click on the Copy button. Paste these settings in a new message.

Perhaps Oleg can fix a possible problem.
Oleg Chernavin
10/16/2004 07:58 am
Sometimes it may happen if your system security settings doesn`t allow ActiveX objects to load files from your disk.

Offline Explorer has an Internal Web server, which emulates online environment and this helps to play such files.

You can also try to export the site to a CHM file (HTML Help).

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff