Downloading projects one at a time

10/06/2004 12:07 am
I thought it would be nice, when downloading more than one project, that one project finishes downloading before moving on to the next one.

Especially for dial-up users like myself who often click on a link on the new level 0 page only to see it hasn`t downloaded yet because it`s downloading from a bunch of different sites at once.

10/06/2004 03:19 am
I think that you are searching for the Sequencer.
View... Sequencer

From the Help file:

| Sequencer
| Another useful feature is Sequencer. You can drag and drop Projects on it to download them
| one-by-one. When a Project from the sequence is downloaded, the next one starts.
| You can start and stop sequencer using the Suspend box. If Loop box is checked, the
| sequencer will start the first Project after the last one finishes downloading.
| Double-click on a Project in the Sequencer to select it in the Projects tree. This will allow you
| to start or stop it manually. Use right-click contents menu to change sequence order or
| remove Projects.

Click on the button with the clock-icon in order to schedule the download of the sequence.

You can find more info on this topic in the Help file (F1):
Search for "Schedule Manager".