Link translation and offline browsing

David B.
10/02/2004 07:06 am

1. I finished downloading a project and now realized I`d like to change the link translation from "Offline translation" to "on-line translation", so that links that weren`t downloaded will point to their online location.
Is it possible to do that transition WITHOUT re-downloading the whole project?
Even if there`s no "easy" solution I`d rather try a difficult one based solely on my already downloaded project files.

2. I don`t really understand the necessity of the "Export" function. What`s the difference between "Exporting" a project and copying the project root folder to another location (assuming the advanced Export features are not applied)?
In noticed one difference though - when clicking an un-downloaded link in an "exported" web page, nothing happens, whereas clicking an un-downloaded link in the original downloaded web page you get the "404" (or the "Document not found" page if clicked within the Offline Explorer internal browser). Why is that?

David Born
Oleg Chernavin
10/02/2004 10:40 am

I am sorry, but you will have to redownload the site to make all missing links to point online.

Regarding the export - usually Offline Explorer keeps all downloaded files of many Projects in the same folder. If you need to have some site only in a certain location, Export copies all files of the selected Project(s) there.

Also, when you browse using Offline Explorer, its Internal server helps to workaround some issues, like non-standard extensions. If you try to open an .asp file in your system, most likely, MS Internet Explorer will not understand that it is a Web page.

Export can add the standard extensions to all files, so you can browse the site offline without Offline Explorer. However most often Export is being used to burn downoaded Web sites to CD/DVD discs.

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff
David B.
10/02/2004 11:36 am
Hello Oleg,

Thank you for the fast response.
I strongly suggest you consider adding this feature to one of the next version of Offline Explorer.

Keep up the great work,
David B.
Oleg Chernavin
10/02/2004 03:20 pm
In fact, you can do it now.

Please add the following line to the Project`s URLs field:


This will force Offline Explorer to keep original copies of the downloaded pages (not translated links). So, if you download the Project, change the links translation setting of it and then redownload it using Ctrl-F5, Offline Explorer will go through all downloaded pages and change the links there.

David B.
10/02/2004 06:42 pm
Hey there again,

I meant adding the option to change the link translation method AFTER the project has finished downloading.

David B.
Oleg Chernavin
10/03/2004 12:16 pm
Yes, this is what I mean. If the project was downloaded with the above line in the URLs field, then it becomes possible to change links translation.

David B.
10/03/2004 12:57 pm
But it wasn`t ):
(If I had thought about it before I downloaded the project, I would have changed the link translation in the first time...)

One last question, if I may:
When comparing the original project folder vs. the exported one, I noticed two things (it`s worth mentioning that there were no other project files in the original folder):
1. The total size of the exported folder reduced a little bit (640MB vs. 643MB).
2. The total number of files in the exported folder decreased significantly (~43,000 vs. 58,000).
My question is where did all those (tiny?) files go?
Finally, I must send my deep appreciation to you for supplying such professional support to us, users. I should also say I draw pleasure from using your fine program and hoe you`ll keep up the great work!

David b.
Oleg Chernavin
10/04/2004 07:25 am
Thank you for your kind words!

The size reduction happens because Offline Explorer does not export descr.wd3 files. These files contain some technical information about downloaded files - MIME type, original file size, file modification date as returned by Web server, etc. This is used to determine actual file type when browsing offline or exporting with standard extensions. Also, this information is necessary when updating downloaded Web site.