Exporting Huge Sites

Ay Oyster
09/02/2004 04:01 pm
I have a site of about 300MB in size which OE nicely downloads.
But I have been trying to Export the site using a CD-Joilet filename specific.
OE does the parsing quite well up to about 89-90 percent and then it seems locked up and therefore sucking all the RAM. I have had to wait up to 5hours thinking it `d resolve and move on, but No, the exporting won`t finish.
I turned ON Faster exporting and pointed the export to another directory but it appears I am not lucky.
What can I do, and Isn`t there a possibility OE deletes each file as it finishes parsing and exporting them, I need to finish up on this and I am getting so hurt by OE for the very 1st time...Please advise!
Oleg Chernavin
09/03/2004 04:09 am
Do you use the latest 3.3 SR1 version of Offline Explorer Pro? The parsing process was made significantly faster, so this may help with the export.

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff