aspx problem, not finding object

08/10/2004 01:44 am
i`m having some problems downloading some pages
the site seems to use aspx extensively (not exactly sure what it is)
the problem i`m having is when i start downloading the project,
i get the following error

The server reports that the starting URL was moved to a new address:
Do you want restart downloading with the new Project URL (click Cancel to keep the old URL)?"

the thing is, the page is there, i can access the url in both IE and the internal browser

looking at the thread, it says "Download complete. Status:302 Object Moved."

any idea on how to correct this problem?

08/10/2004 01:45 am
sorry for the double post
i got an error when posting and clicked back and send again not knowing that it posted the first one correctly
Oleg Chernavin
08/10/2004 04:16 am
I just tried to download that URL with Offline Explorer Pro and it worked well. Perhaps, you need to choose MS IE as a user agent identification in the Options dialog of Offline Explorer Pro. Please also enable (check) MS IE Cookies box there. Click OK button and try to download the Project again.

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff