Download new files only but translate all links

08/09/2004 05:01 pm
OK so here is my scenario. I need to provide an offline site of content to an internal client for which Offline Browser works beautifully (kudos). Every two weeks however (as it is a dynamic site with constantly updating content) I need to provide the client with updates (ie the changed or newer pages). The issue is that when I try to download the site and check off to only download the changed pages, I have no way to separate or to tell which the newer pages are.

The client needs to get a folder of files and simply drop this folder onto their older folder to get an updated site. Is there some way to extract or export only the changed pages?

Thank you for your help.
Oleg Chernavin
08/10/2004 04:12 am
There is a way that may work. But it will require some manual work.

You can select the Project, go to Edit | Find Contents and check the "Recently loaded files only" box and uncheck "Search in Text files only". Then keep the "Search for keywords" field empty and click the Find button. You will get the list of all files that are new or updated. You can now click the Save button and choose Text files format. The resulting saved file will contain a list of all filenames from the list.

You will be able to use the text file with some program that will copy the files from the list to another location or zip them.

Offline Explorer Enterprise has another feature - you can delete all Project files and keep their modification information, so OE loads only changed files the next time.

I hope this helps.

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff