Features Wanted or Teach Me - OE Pro

Bob Schmidt
07/14/2004 07:56 pm
Oleg, now that you`ve got me up and running again, I`m going to make a couple of suggestions. If they`re already addressed by OE`s very powerful feature set, then maybe you can help me understand how to use the program better.

1. Download the next link to THIS project.
Typically, I right click in IE and d/l the page without bothering to set a lot of properties for the project. I just take an intial pass and then take a look at what I`ve got so far and tweak from there.
You have a great little feature on the internal browser toolbar that let`s you make the next clicked link into a new project. But most of the time, what I want to do is simply add it to my existing project. You can do that with "broken" links. Would be nice for other links, too.

2. Never download anything from domain list A,B,C....Z ever again for any project unless I specifically make a project for that url or domain.
For example, I repeatedly have to delete macromedia, adobe, microsoft, w3.org and other sites that everybody links to because I suspect OE is duplicating the files. Maybe there is a setting to do this already. I know I can disable from loading within a given project, but the damage is done by the time you can set that and I don`t know how to tell OE to block across projects. If this isn`t already possible, would be a great feature.

3. Download only the directory tree structure - no files now, but add files later
Is this possible now? What I often want is simply to view the directory structure of a site to get a sense of what I`m getting myself into, and then I would like to be able to basically just pick off any given directory from a folder view and let `er rip through a download of that directory.

Thanks and keep up the great work!!

Oleg Chernavin
07/15/2004 04:37 am
1. You can simply drag the desired link to the existing Project. Drop it over the Project name and you will be offered either to create a new Project with the link or to add the link to the Project. In the latter case, Offline Explorer will also load the page immediately and make it available offline.

2. It is easy. Go to File | Templates, select the default template, click Properties button. Now go to URL Filtrers and add URL beginnings that should be excluded:


and so on.

Click OK button to save the Template. Close the Templates dialog.

Now all new Projects will inherit these settings (except when you use the Wizard - it uses its own default settings). You can also apply the template settings (selectively) to existing Projects - select the desired Projects, right-click them and choose Apply Template.

3. It will be possible in future versions. We plan this feature to add later.

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff
Bob Schmidt
07/17/2004 07:25 am
Oleg, that super. Thanks!
Bob Schmidt
07/17/2004 07:33 am
Couple of questions.
I don`t see Default in File/New/Templates.
The only template showing is Template 0.

After adding the urls to exclude to the template, a dialog box pops up asking whether I want to replace or join to the Project urls. Am I right in assuming that Replace will erase what each project currently has and substitute the change I have made to the template, and Join will simply merge my template changes into the project url list?

Oleg Chernavin
07/17/2004 11:20 am
If there is only one template, it is the default one. If there are several ones, you can see it by the icon. The default template has a checkmark on its icon.