Extending Image Dimensions Filter

07/12/2004 07:20 pm
I`ve recently written a plugin for an app which allows the app to support reading of lots of different image formats. It utilizes the GFL image library (www.xnview.com). While GFL is not supposed to be used in commercial products, the licence would allow you to utilize GFL for obtaining image dimensions if the libraries have been installed on the users system. You could then tell people where they can get the GFL libraries from. GFL supports over 100 formats. This would greatly enhance the image filter support in OE for little work since you only need to call the appropriate function call in GFL.

I can help you with this, if required.
07/12/2004 07:28 pm
For a future version you could add a plugin architecture to allow OE to support many dfferent formats. OE could call these plugins for information on the file, which could then be used to filter out certain files. It could support Image, Audio and Video formats.

I have some ideas on how to implement this if you are interested.
Oleg Chernavin
07/13/2004 02:05 am
Yes, I will think about it. Meanwhile, which exact image formats do you think would be worth to add? (To detect image dimensions)

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff
07/13/2004 03:16 am
It`s not really that urgent. I only thought about when I came across PicDownloader (www.fuzzsoft.com) which supports bmp, jpeg, gif, tiff, tga, png, pcx, psd and flash files.

So the only one`s not supported by OE are bmp, tif/tiff, tga, pcx, psd. Not sure if you can get size of flash files.

While most of these formats are not overly common (flash excluded) on the internet, they are used sometimes.

If you were going to add support I would highly recommend using the GFL library because it will save you the hassle of parsing them to get the size. The GFL library handles all these formats and many more.
Oleg Chernavin
07/13/2004 03:21 am
Yes, all these formats do not have practical use for such filtering now on common Web sites. Anyway, if some user will report me that he needs that support, I will surely add it to Offline Explorer.

Regarding Flash files - they do not have dimensions at all. Try to browse some SWF file (not inside a Web page) and you will see that it resizes with the browser window.