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Terry 07/09/2004 09:59 am
I would like to run textpipe pro immediately after the project downloads - have tried the runafter= function but it doesn`t work at all - cant even get notepad to run.


I select the project and click download. The project completes but notepad doesn`t open.
NB I`m using the eval version - does this make a difference?

Given I can get notepad to work, how do I construct the command to run textpipe with addditional command line options

Oleg Chernavin 07/09/2004 02:52 pm
Sorry for the delay. I just fixed the RunAfter issue and added the ability to call TextPipe automatically. All you need is to use the TextPipe= URLs field parameter:

The updated oe.exe file is here:

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff
Terry 07/10/2004 03:42 am
There seems to be a couple of problems with this version.
When you run textpipe in this way the datamining window appears which requires an action to close etc. A bug I guess cause the runafter command I assume is so these things can be run unattended.

Secondly, how do I set other textpipe pro parameters, e.g. quit (/q) because textpipe remains open after it is run.

Thirdly, and a bit wierd i grant, but it appears that oe retains the filename of old urls within a download. e.g. i started testing using, then changed the same project to, now textpipe is being called with both filenames, resulting in 2 textpipe runs rather than the single one requested. - I can give further info if necessary.

Terry 07/10/2004 05:57 am
Re the third issue, the map showed the additional downloaded files in the project. So I deleted them and all seems fine. In addition i`ve set the project to only download the url file and so I only get one file now being sent to textpipe, which is what I want.

Just need the /q + other options available and the data mining popup window to be removed now :-)

Terry 07/10/2004 09:02 am
As you`ve probably guessed I`m testing this throughly :-)
Anyway I`m now getting an error (from textpipe) when `textpipe pro server` is called - "Cannot open c:\documents and settings\administrator\application data\Offline Explorer\datamine.tmp.
What is this file for and why is it passed to TextPipe?

I`ve now got these downloads on a schedule so I`m getting loads of datamine windows opening. Sort of need a `silent` mode.

Oleg Chernavin 07/10/2004 11:17 am
I made some fixes. Here is the updated oe.exe file:

Now you can use the following:


The temp file contains the list of all text files loaded by the Project. It has to be passed to TextPipe, so it knows which files to process.

Terry 07/10/2004 04:15 pm

Thanks for the quick fixes, the datamine window now doesnt display but textpipe gives the error Cannot open file c:\path\filter.fll;/Q - the /q option isnt being recognised.

Oleg Chernavin 07/10/2004 06:19 pm
Sorry for that. The fixed version is at the same address:

Terry 07/11/2004 04:05 am
Great Oleg,
This is working fine now and exits.

I`m still getting the problem "Cannot open c:\documents and settings\administrator\application data\Offline Explorer\datamine.tmp. "

I have 3 textpages that I download from 3 different websites all scheduled to download every 1 minute and call textpipe with the results.
It appears that if textpipe is still processing the datamine.tmp file when the next download completes we get this error. ie hte file is locked. a possible solution would be rather than passing the .tmp file to textpipe could you pass the actual downloaded filename.

Thanks, this is great service!
Oleg Chernavin 07/12/2004 10:17 am
OK. I changed the code and it now uses unique names for the files.
Here is the updated oe.exe file:

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff
Terry 07/12/2004 06:57 pm
Thanks for the fix - it all works fine.
I`ve bought the license now - well worth it.

A final request I have is to allow the /minimized be added to the textpipe= function.

Oleg Chernavin 07/13/2004 02:04 am
Does TextPipe support that command-line switch? If yes, how exactly it should be added and where? As I remember, older versions of TextPipe had a very strict order of all command-line parameters. For example, /Q should be the last parameter.

Terry 07/13/2004 05:06 am
This is the manual entry for the /minimized flag.


TextPipe starts minimized. TextPipe also uses less memory when minimized because the screen representation does not need to be stored. This command line option MUST be placed FIRST.
Terry 07/13/2004 05:08 am
Found this example - HTH

"c:\program files\TextPipe\textpipe.exe" [/MINIMIZED|/MAXIMIZED] ["/F=my filter file.fll"] [commands] [wildcards] [/G [/Q]]

Terry 07/13/2004 05:22 am
Downloaded the Mass Downloader a few days ago, not sure if you are doing that dev too, but if the scheduling functionality was extended to allow a different application to be called after each download (like RunAfter) this would give the same functionality as this. I tried calling textpipe using the virus checking command line and it worked fine except that its only called once after all downloads are complete.
Since I`m only downloading one file each time, i.e. a web page it would work well for me.

I`d like to add that I`ve evaluated 90% of the download tools available and the ability to run a command, with parameters, after a download completes is the functionality preventing straight forward integration into other systems, and will really differentiate you from the competition - in my opinion anyway :-)

Thanks again
Oleg Chernavin 07/13/2004 05:28 am
Yes, Mass Downloader would work well this way. We have another developer who works on it.

I also added the /minimize to the TextPipe= command in Offline Explorer Pro. So, if you will need more than one Web file processing, it will help you.

Terry 07/13/2004 06:24 am
Have you made a Beta build of this that I can download?

Oleg Chernavin 07/13/2004 09:11 am
Sure. Here it is:

You will have to add /minimize or /minimized after the ;/Q parameter - separate them with space or any other symbol as you wish.

Terry 07/13/2004 11:07 am
Works perfectly, thanks for the great support.
Its really refreshing to see a company who actually seem to care about their software and customers.

Many Thanks
Oleg Chernavin 07/13/2004 11:37 am
I am really glad that it helps!