A Few more bugs

07/06/2004 10:57 pm
1) I`d forgotten about this but you might want to check that "Prefs->Advanced->Integration->Use MS Internet Explorer context menu" option is enabled by default on the Pro versions of OE. I have a funny feeling it was disabled when I installed OE Pro.

2) Related to problem when switching between multi-line and single-line browser tabs, now all tabs are closed with OEP 3.2.1746, leaving only the default tab.

3) Browser Window and Status Window (when splitter moved) flickers a lot when resized. Internet Explorer does not have this flicker when the window is resized. This is not a big problem as it doesn`t affect the functionality of OE, but the app doesn`t look quite as polished as it should. This shouldn`t take precedence over serious bugs, but I think it should be "fixed".

4) When OE is started for the first time only 9 lines are visible in the Download Progress window meaning you need to resize the progress window to see all 10 lines without scrolling. Can you make it so that 10 lines are visible by default so the window does not need to be resized when first started. The same goes for when you undock the progress window - it should show 10 lines by default, so people who keep the default number of download connections don`t need to resize the window.

5) .pdf and .doc files are currently downloaded by the "Download only pages, images and scripts" templates
Oleg Chernavin
07/16/2004 08:50 am
1) Just checked - it is enabled by default.

2) Yes, somehow embedded MS IE doesn`t like when its container is reorganized. I haven`t found a way to workaround this yet.

3) I tried to fix this, but MS IE behavior differs a lot when it is a standalone window or when it is embedded.

4) Thank you. This is fixed.

5) These files are affected by the File Filters | Other section. If I disable it, then many HTML files with non-standard extensions will not be loaded.

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff
07/16/2004 01:12 pm
Regarding (2) and (3), it is definitely possible as is demonstrated by the MyIE2 browser which has no such problems.

You might want to have a look at www.codeproject.com which has lots of articles on all aspects of Windows programming. You could also try posting a message on the programming forums telling them about the problem and asking how to fix it. If you get no reply you should re-post the same message because from my experiences you do not always get an answer first time round.
07/16/2004 01:23 pm
This article (http://www.codeproject.com/internet/CustomBrowser.asp) might help with the flickering problem. When the apps window is resized no flicker occurs. It comes with full source code.
Oleg Chernavin
07/16/2004 04:19 pm
The problem is that CodeProject articles use C++, while I develop it in Delphi and it could be related with that somehow.