User Projects Forum suggestion

06/27/2004 04:30 am
Hi All, seeing so much questions in the form of:
"How to configure OE to download site X successfully"
I think a good solution will be a dedicated forum called something like:
"User Projects Forum"
where all the users could submit their project settings for specific website.
for example setting for recent question about website.
This way Oleg u will much less work, cause a lot of users will find ready projects there without asking. and the technical forum will become pure technical.

For an example look at BlackWidow offline browser forum:

06/27/2004 01:17 pm
Good Idea QuantumShadow.

Also, more examples in the Help would be useful.
Oleg Chernavin
06/28/2004 11:30 am
Thank you! In fact, we plan to integrate this feature into Offline Explorer directly, so you will be able to post your Projects and browse the list of submitted ones with an ease.

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff
06/28/2004 05:47 pm
When do u think it will be ready?

06/28/2004 07:00 pm
Hey Oleg, it`s seems you`re ahead of the game, as always:o) I trust you`re ahaving a nice holiday ?

Also, I`ve developed some software and was wondering if MetaProducts would be interested in releasing it. How do I go about submitting it for evaulation? What are the benefits (ie. salary/royalties, holidays etc.)

BTW Oleg, How did you become involved with MetaProducts and Offline Explorer ?
Oleg Chernavin
06/30/2004 10:56 am
> Great!
> When do u think it will be ready?

I don`t know now. It is in our plans, but we haven`t started designing it. There are too many plans and ideas! :-)

Regarding how I started with MetaProducts - I was developing a freeware Web Downloader myself. Then I was contacted by MetaProducts and offered to join. This is that simple! But we had negotiations for few months and then Offline Explorer 1.0 development (redesign of Web Downloader) took almost a year.

We welcome other developers. I would like to discuss it with you - just write me directly or to for me.