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Jim "go-go" Cohen
06/24/2004 05:57 pm
Fox News recently redesigned it`s website and OEP 1734 has trouble downloading some of the features implemented on it.

With all downloading options enabled (Checkmarks across the board in File Filters; [Evaluate script calculations] and [Explore HTML Forms ] both ennabled) and setting the depth to 1, OE is not able to download some of the home pages` content, including:

The menu on the top of the screen (TODAY`S TOP STORIES :: OPINION :: FNC TV :: ...) and submenus.

The animated, openable boxes on the right of the screen. (U.S. & WORLD, YOU DECIDE 2004 ...)

It also doesn`t display the "Latest Headlines" box in the box to the right of the top stories box.

OE downloads 2,100 files IN before downloading another 800 or so outside the domain.

Is there any way to download these displays (or at least harvest the links to the story pages)?
06/25/2004 11:17 pm
I thought only that site had this problem because it was redesigned and looked so "high tech" but OE also has trouble finding the links in this file from MSNBC (it jumbles them up): (This is the left pane on te site).

Evaluate Script Calcs on.
Oleg Chernavin
07/06/2004 09:43 am
I just tried to see what is wrong with the FoxNews. The site calculates the links to included scripts with random numbers. OE could load the script, but the page requests different filename each time you display the page, so the file is not being found on your hard disk.

I will think on how nto overcome this. Perhaps I will have to change such scripts to remove random commands.

Please tell me the page URL for the second site.

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff