Two enhancement suggestions

06/21/2004 01:15 pm
1st: I was looking for a way to create a template that would download a single page, plus any .ZIP files associated with that page. Of course, this can be done by manually chaning the project`s Properties, but I want to create a template so that I don`t need to always modify the then current project. As far as I can tell, to do this OLP would need to support a few additional macros which I did not see in my documentation.

Assuming the URL is

Normally, my project has:
"Load files only within the Starting Server"
"Load file only within the starting directory and below"
"Load files only with the starting filename." *
* I would like to be able to use a custom filenames configuration, such that it reads:

This would allow me to create a generic template that will only download the file, and any ZIP files
associated with that file. Some other useful macros would be:
{:server}{:domain}{:dir}{:filebase} <- filename without ext.

2nd: Second suggestion is that the built in browser support the "extra" mouse buttons. I have a MS Intellimouse, which calls these buttons "Large Thumb button" and "Small Thumb button". I know other mice have these buttons as well. What I`m looking for is the ability to navigate forward and backward in the browser via the thumb buttons, just like in IE. I searched the fourm but did not see any suggestions of this nature.

Oleg Chernavin
07/30/2004 10:38 am
I am sorry that it took a long time. I just added the support for:


keywords for URL Filters. Do you really need {:domain} and {:filebase} ones?

I also tested Back/Forward buttons of my Logitech MX 500 mouse and they work well in the Internal browser of Offline Explorer.

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff