Cannot download the *.rm audio files

06/20/2004 02:18 pm

I`m trying to download all the real audio files from this root location:
when doing this, I get the whole directory structure correct with all the *.ram files, but not the corresponding real audio files (*.rm or *.ra) that are located on a rtsp server.
The actual location of the audio files (as per their corresponding *.ram files) is something like this:
I then tried to download directly from the rtsp site, entering the following rtsp address:
(everything that goes beyond being the subdirectories per type of radio programs)
or even cutting it as short as:
but nothing eventually worked, though I did play along with the following settings:
- Load files from all servers
- Load all protocols
I do not use any proxy and use a standard cable connection.
Also, this is my first try with your program in my trial period.

What is the recommended way for downloading real audio files from a rtsp server?
1) Do you enter the http root address that contains the *.ram files? (is Offline Explorer capable then of extracting itself the rtsp address of the target *.rm audio file from the *.ram file?)
2) Do you enter the rtsp root address directly?

In both case, what did I do wrong?

Thanks a lot for your help....
Oleg Chernavin
06/21/2004 08:04 am
I had a successful download this way:

I created a new Project, set its URL to:
Unchecked Level setting.

File Filters | Video - Location box - select Load from any site.

URL Filters | Server - Load only from the starting server

URL Filters | Directory - Load only from the starting directory

Click OK button to save the Project and start loading it.

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff