Trouble downloading portal pages

06/16/2004 03:33 am
I am having difficulty downloading our intranet, which is running on websphere portal server. It is not a large site - less than 100 pages and 3-4 levels deep. I cannot get OE pro to get past the login page, and when the correct credentials are supplied to the login form, the there is one queued task which runs indefinitely - I stopped it after a few hundred megabytes as the site is only a fraction of this size. I have tried using the IgnoreLogOutLinks option, and couldn`t get it to work. I gave up on trying to start from the login page and logged in manually using OE`s internal browser. I then start to download from the first page after login, but it aborts instantly and no pages are downloaded. Portal creates strange dynamic links for pages, for example the address after the login page is:!t/p/.cmd/cs/.ce/7_0_A/.s/7_0_2R3/_s.7_0_A/7_0_2R3
I would like to know some other techniques that might help me out here or whether it is possible for OE to follow these sorts of dynamically generated links.

Thanks in advance for your time and assistance, and congratulations on an excellent product.

Oleg Chernavin
06/16/2004 04:23 am
Please try to uncheck Suppress Server Errors box in the Project Properties dialog | Advanced section. Does this help?

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff
06/17/2004 03:30 am
Cheers for replying so promptly Oleg.

Unfortunately this doesn`t help. What happens now is that instead of queueing 1 file and downloading indefinitely, 1 file is queued but nothing is downloaded, and this continues indefinitely. Below is a copy of the Address URL settings I am currently trying in case I am missing something. These were picked up by OE when I used the internal browser to load the login screen, filled in the login credentials, selected the "Add next clicked link to the project" and then clicked the submit button.
SetCookie=WASReqURL=; WASReqURL=; JSESSIONID=0000Ak3DIdSkqzbjHY9CyTwP-pX:-1

Thanks again in advance for your help.

Oleg Chernavin
06/17/2004 04:03 am
Can you try to go another way - logon the portal in the Internal browser, then take a URL once you are inside the protected area and start downloading it.