download pdf redirects

06/06/2004 12:25 am

how can I download the following link

This is embedded in

The first link should return an html file containing a redirection to a pdf file. However the link is downloaded and stored as a .pdf file. OEP refuses to explore futher but stops there.

Please help

Oleg Chernavin
06/07/2004 09:38 am
I just fixed that. Please download the updated oe.exe file here:

Unzip it and replace the old file with the new one. Now Offline Explorer will get links to PDF files.

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff
06/09/2004 02:15 am
Thanks Oleg.

Now I have the redirected page interpreted and the pdf file behind it downloaded.

I`m afraid the follow up question becomes more difficult.

In the same site the redirect link linking to the PDF file has the pdf file name as the parameter, like


This OEP translates to diagram_load.cfm@pdfname=2foldfsh.pdf

There is no problem to open all the files from the first page within OEP browser. But the downloaded project cannot be opened by IE.

Problem is, the file diagram_load.cfm@pdfname=2foldfsh.pdf is actually a html file which contains a javascript auto redirect to the actual pdf file. However, the .pdf extension fools IE to bring up Acrobat reader plug-in. Of course you can guess the result is the complaint of invalid pdf header and the process stops there.

Can you fix this?

Good luck

Oleg Chernavin
06/09/2004 08:21 am
Well, I could suggest you to export the site (File | Export). This adds standard extensions, like .htm to the files and this should be a workaround for the problem.