OE doesnt work stable

Michael W.
05/26/2004 11:07 am
Oe don`t work stable when I select to donwload big site with many, many links, just after when I click Start button, few second later when the program "realise" how many those links are I loose control over the OE, I mean I have to wait very long time, I can`t click on any button, when I minimalize window I can see it again, I think OE is counting links but I should be able to have view on process, when I select to close OE windows says program dosn`t comunicate and it`s emergency close. I`m using Windows XP, OE enterprise 3.1

Michael W.
Oleg Chernavin
05/26/2004 02:38 pm

Thank you for pointing us. Can you tell me, what is your Project settings? Please select the Project, click Copy button on toolbar and then paste it either to this Forum or to an E-mail to support@metaproducts.com . I will try to reproduce the problem and resolve it. Please also tell me your system parameters (Windows version, RAM, HDD free space, etc.).

Thanks again!

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff
Michael W.
05/27/2004 02:59 am
This is the case I wrote in another post lately about problem with downloading files from server wchich directs to another
As You will see in this code bellow I set custom server configuration (there are 2 major servers www.myt610.net and www.lasyk.net, but I didn`t know who toput names of the server: if the: "http://www" words are necesary so I put with and without them, but I don`t think this is case here)
When I click start button few seconds later I can`t see what is going on in OE BUT OE is downloading the project (I saw it in explorer folder is getting bigger) but after I minimalize windows I can`t see it again, I cant do enything in OE.
My system is Winsows Xp Pro (Polish version) with all I think updates from www.windowsupdate.com with 256MB (400Mhz Kingstone), Athlon 1700 XP CPU, few Gb free space on disk.
I set to download only multimedia files (.jpg, .gif, zip, .exe without .html...).

Caption=Sony Ericsson T630 themes : myT630.net
FTUDef.Exts=jscssssivbsdtdxslswfexe ooooooxx
RSrvsIn=http://www.myt610.net/http://www.myt610.net/t630/http://www.lasyk.net/download.phphttp://www.lasyk.net/http://www.download.lasyk.net/download.lasyk.netmyt610.netmyt630.netlasyk.net xxxxxxxxx
Oleg Chernavin
05/27/2004 04:22 am
I just tried to reproduce the problem, but both Offline Explorer Enterprise and Pro editions were quite stable. I keep loading the site and so far it loaded 800 files (23 MBs). I can work with the user interface. The average download speed is 150 KB/s now. I am using 10 connections and 0 seconds delay between downloads.

To isolate possible other reasons, can you try to set 10 connections and 1 second delay between downloads in the Options dialog and try the download again. Please also let me know your average download speed (in the Status Bar).

Thank you!

Michael W.
05/27/2004 05:44 am
It helped a little bit. Maybe it`s Windows problem.
Now thanks to that 1 second delay I`m able to see what is going on but it`s not work smoothly+
Oleg Chernavin
05/27/2004 06:34 am
Do you have a big Parsing(XX) number in the left corner of the Status Bar? Also, what is your average download speed?

Michael W.
05/27/2004 07:03 am
> Do you have a big Parsing(XX) number in the left corner of the Status Bar? Also, what is your average download speed?

It`s strange because it doesn`t matter if there is 50 files in parse or 3000, I can`t use interface when OE downloading file, I can only use interface in the time of that one second delay, for one second but now I cant stop process, close program...
Oleg Chernavin
05/27/2004 07:29 am
Can you try to update to the latest oe.exe file:


Does it work better? Also, you still haven`t told me about the average download speed.

Thank you!