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ABVGDeika 05/02/2004 01:35 am
Hi.Can you explaine me, please, why i see in my OE windows (incl. "About OE") "Offline Explorer Pro 3.0" after upgrading with OE Pro 3.1 into the same directory where the previous version was installed. Have upgrading been done right?
Oleg Chernavin 05/03/2004 03:13 pm
Can you try to install it again - please see what version number is being displayed when you run the Offline Explorer installer - the very page of the installer wizard shows the exact version in the lower left corner. If it is not 3.1.xxxx, then you need to download the newest version from the following location:


Please reboot the computer after the installation to make sure that all files have been correctly replaced.

Please let me know if anything goes wrong again.

Thank you!

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff
ABVGDeika 05/06/2004 02:18 pm
I`m very sorry but I did it 5 times (I did it over old version OE - was it right?). And version number new version of Offline Explorer installer was
And I saw in my OE windows (incl. "About OE") "Offline Explorer Pro 3.0.1508" NOT OE Pro every time!!! And in the directory where OE was installed I could see 1 old file: "Offline Explorer executable, ver." (1,25 mb) but others files were new!!!
Oleg Chernavin 05/06/2004 03:17 pm
It may happen that the system locks the oe.exe file somehow (if it is not running when you are installing the program). Can you delete the file using Windows Explorer?

ABVGDeika 05/06/2004 10:38 pm
Dear Oleg,
"Can you delete the file using Windows Explorer?"- what file do you mean?I don`t understand it.
May be it is better for all of your customers to have detailed instructions for Minor upgrade?
Can you do it for us?
Best wishes,
ABVGDeika 05/07/2004 11:38 am
Dear Oleg,
I`ve found a reason of problem!
It was a bug with Internet Explorer, not with OE!
Now I have OE version 3.1.!
Thaks for a good programm.
Best wishes,
Oleg Chernavin 05/07/2004 03:03 pm
Well, most upgrades go flawlessly. Can you please tell me more on how MS IE was involved here?

Thank you!