how not to follow back & forward links

04/04/2004 04:58 pm
I am trying to download a site wich has the following structure:
there is a page with tumbnails, each tumb follows to a "picture2",
when i get to the picture2 i have forward link and backward link,
this links point to the nearest pics: "picture1" and "picture3", though i have already explored them from the main page. the links are exactly the same like on the main page.
Is there any way to stop OE from following this links?

I am thinking something like levels, cause in the "bad" case u have to follow one link more, to get to the pic, but current levels didn`t help although i put them to 1.

the actual links given below:

current image:



Oleg Chernavin
04/05/2004 04:49 am
Well, Level=1 should work for this. However I can`t test the site myself to see how the links are organized there. Could you send me an HTML page from that site (with 1 picture, next and prev links)? I don`t need images - only HTML code.

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff