A URL Macro idea & Copying existing files to download folder

03/26/2004 08:40 pm
I was using a different site-mirroring tool. I was trying to mirror garfield.ucomics.com`s images. I created a txt list using Perl`s regexpression [though OE has such nice feature of URL Macros, it was unknown to me at that time]. I have got about 75% of the files using the old tool.

However, my question is, if I copy the old files to the OE`s download folder .. keeping the directory structure as it is [e.g. C:\download\images.ucomics.com\comics\ga\1978\], give the filelist or an URL macro and start downloading using the -Download Missing Files- menu option, will it download only the missing files, or will it also try to download the currently present files as they have no reference in Descr.WD3

Another Question what should be the URL Macro, for an URL like this.

I think this should work

However is it possible to create some better Macro, so that the Feb29-31 or the Months with missing 31st don`t come up.

Any ideas will be helpful.

And lastly, thanks a lot for such a neat program.
03/27/2004 12:14 am
If you use that directory structure and copy the gif files you already have into the correct year directories, then if you select Do not download existing files in the Properties, you will only download the gif files you do not already have.

You left out the leading zeros on the months and days.
You can also use the repeat function #1- #9 to repeat any macro more than once in a URL.

You can use these two Macro URL`s as your Project URL`s.


You don`t need to worry about months that don`t have 31 days or any dates in 1978 or 2004 that don`t have gif files or any other wrong dates. If there is not a gif file for that date nothing will be downloaded.

You can download every Garfield comic strip ever made or by changing the Macro URL`s slightly any other comic strips that are available on that site.
03/27/2004 06:06 am
Thank You for your prompt and fantastic support. Going to play with your program, I must say its a great tool, gonna recommend it to everybody I know.

MetaProducts You rock !! :)
Oleg Chernavin
03/27/2004 10:40 am

Thank you for helping out!

Yes, there is no solution to exclude weird dates like Feb 31st, but I agree that the server usually outputs an error that doesn`t influence your download.

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff
03/29/2004 07:44 am
I got, the whole awesome 10000 [app] garfield comics of ucomics, thanks to OE. However, heres a note if anybody else goes for getting the comics too, using URL Macros.

1> Switch off all files, everything except the type of image. [.gif in my case], this will save you from downloading asp/html error pages.

2> Links should be limited to 0 depth.

3> Always use download missing files. That way, no need for redownloading or checking for already available files.

4> Post in here, if you have any problems. :)