Substituion of ? with @ symbols

03/17/2004 09:39 am

I have recently encountered a problem where urls with ? in them is being substituted with @ symbol, so for example

test_map.htm?1 is being changed into test_map.htm@1 which makes the offline version of the site unusable. Can some tell me how to stop this happing. I am using Offline explorer 3.01.1508


Oleg Chernavin
03/17/2004 10:05 am
It is impossible to use ? (and many other) symbols in filenames. This is why it is replaced with @. Anyway, all links in downloaded files will be also changed and contain only @ symbols instead of ?. So, the site should work well offline.

If you faced any particular problem with the change, please describe it to me in details. I will do my best to find a solution.

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff
03/17/2004 11:05 am

The symbol ? is a standard way of passing extra information to the web server via a URL. In this case the 1 askes the web server not to use the cache and serve the page directly to the user. Anyway the unregistered version of the software did not do this. I was using
the unregestered enterprise version of the sofware, although I have purchased the Pro version. Could this be why this behaviour is occuring ?

The site does not work when the @ symbol is inserted instead of ?



Oleg Chernavin
03/18/2004 02:08 am
But when Offline Explorer wants to update some page, it converts all @ symbols back to ? and makes a correct request.

Anyway, if you faced any problem with that, please let me know a particular Web site or a URL and describe me, how I can reproduce the problem.

Thank you!


PS I also got an E-mail from you, so you may answer my question by E-mail.